Vascular disease

Duke’s vascular surgeons are internationally recognized experts who help set the treatment guidelines for diseases that affect the arteries and vessels that comprise the body’s complex vascular system. We treat the entire spectrum of vascular disorders, from cosmetic disorders like varicose veins to limb-threatening concerns such as peripheral vascular disease. We work closely with heart surgeons, neurosurgeons and other specialists to coordinate care throughout the body, including the heart and brain.  Our ongoing research studies, combined with our use of the most sophisticated diagnostic imaging technology and the latest treatment advances, means you receive the best possible care for your condition. Our goal is to restore your health and minimize the potential for any complications that may arise.

Internationally recognized vascular disease experts

  • International leaders. Members of our team are responsible for establishing international treatment guidelines for certain vascular diseases and circulatory disorders. This puts us at the forefront for identifying, diagnosing and treating vascular conditions, and ensures you have access the most effective treatment available. 
  • A team approach. Because vascular disorders can affect almost any part of the body, our team works with specialists throughout Duke to reviews cases and provides you with customized treatment plans.
  • Advanced training. Our experts undergo advanced training and certification in their specialties, and have the experience to give you the medical and surgical care you need.
  • Sophisticated imaging capabilities. We are one of the few centers in the world to use dynamic-contrast enhanced DCE-MRI. This sophisticated technology creates images of blood flow in tissues, muscles, bones and other parts of the body. Our radiologists created the standards for using DCE-MRI in diagnosing vascular malformations.
  • Novel surgical techniques. We are studying the promising use of bioengineered blood vessels in the legs and arms to treat advanced peripheral vascular disease.
  • New technology pioneers. We use the latest technologies and minimally invasive techniques to close varicose veins. We also use the most advanced risk assessment methods and imaging technology to identify and evaluate your carotid artery disease at the earliest possible stage.
  • Hundreds of procedures; years of experience.  Our surgeons perform hundreds of procedures to open blocked arteries and restore healthy blood flow through surgery and other minimally invasive techniques. You benefit from our years of experience.