Speech pathology and audiology at Duke

Duke's speech pathologists and audiologists provide comprehensive services to children and adults for a wide range of communication, swallowing, and hearing disorders. We help you overcome challenges following traumatic brain injury, stroke and aphasia, as well as speech problems related to progressive conditions such as ALS and Parkinson's disease. We work closely with children who have all types of speech and language disorders including stuttering. We also work with children whose communication, swallowing or hearing is impaired by autism, Down syndrome, cleft palate, and other deformities of the face or head. Our goal is to create a therapy plan that lets you or your loved one return to work, school, and family activities, and enjoy the best possible quality of life.

Comprehensive speech pathology and audiology services

  • Breadth of experience. Our speech pathologists and audiologists have undergone advanced training, and many have advanced certification in specialized areas. They have years of experience working with children and adults who require therapy related to communication, hearing and speech concerns.
  • A team approach. We are part of your or your child's medical team. We work closely and collaboratively with your or your child's doctors, school and others to ensure you experience the best possible outcome. 
  • Assistive technology training. If you have limited verbal communication skills, we conduct a thorough evaluation, and provide ongoing training on a variety of technologies that augment or provide an alternative to speech. We can also help you manipulate equipment such as your computer, television, kitchen appliances and telephone, if you have physical limitations. We help you achieve success.
  • Hearing aid dispensary.  Our audiologists evaluate and dispense sophisticated hearing aids and assistive listening devices, such as digital hearing aids and FM listening systems. We offer instruction and information about personal amplifiers, telephone amplifiers, tinnitus maskers, and alarm/warning devices.
  • Expert help for tinnitus. We provide expert tinnitus evaluation and treatment options. If you experience tinnitus, you will undergo a thorough evaluation with one of our licensed audiologists. Our treatment recommendations will be based on your needs.
  • Evaluation and treatment for central auditory processing disorder. If your child (six years of age or older) is unable to understand and/or process speech or shows signs of CAPD, our audiologists and speech pathologists conduct a thorough interview, evaluation and assessment to determine your child's strengths and weaknesses at home and at school.  We will explain the results, make recommendations, and work with you to ensure your child gets the help he or she needs.
  • Accent modification. We help people with mild or strong accents, native speakers with regional dialects, and people in need of general speech improvement to develop clear pronunciation of English. Your personalized program is based on a phonetic analysis of your speech.
  • Stuttering rehabilitation. We perform a thorough evaluation to determine the frequency and type of stuttering patterns, then create a short- or long-term therapy plan to help you or your loved one overcome disruptive speech patterns. 
  • Speech pathologists specially trained in voice disorders. Our speech pathologists undergo specialized training to evaluate and treat patients with voice problems, swallowing disorders, and complex conditions such as voice restoration after throat cancer.