Extremity Reconstruction / Hand Surgery

For patients with defects caused by trauma, cancer, or infection, Duke surgeons can save or reconstruct limbs while helping patients make a full recovery. Duke offers a range of surgery to restore form and function, including a 24-hour hand replantation service.

Duke offers particular expertise in:

  • Recontouring of trauma-related limb deformities
  • Removal of trauma-related scars
  • Hand replantation

For trauma patients, microvascular reconstruction can be used to reattach fingers or limbs or to transplant living tissue from one part of the body to another. For instance, Duke’s physicians frequently transplant toes to give hand-trauma patients a new thumb or finger.

Additional information about treatments pertaining to trauma patients can be found in the Emergency Services section of DukeHealth.org.

Diabetic patients can have trouble with wounds that won’t heal, because of reduced blood flow to the foot and other extremities.

When these patients are at risk for amputation, Duke’s surgeons can transplant well-vascularized tissue from elsewhere on the patient’s body with good results.

For patients who have had tumor resections, Duke surgeons use either microsurgery or conventional surgical techniques to reconstruct bone and soft tissue, restoring appearance and function of limbs.

Duke’s expertise in microsurgery gives cancer patients the option of unlimited transfer of tissues from elsewhere in the body. Reconstructive surgeons work closely with tumor resection surgeons to create an individualized treatment plan for each patient.

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